Becoming a FMI Volunteer
A want versus a need. How to balance a checkbook. Don't you wish that someone had taught you those things as you were growing up?
Now there is someone. YOU. All we need is your enthusiasm, life experience, and a willingness to teach children about how you took chances and shot for the stars. 
What's the Commitment?
Your commitment could vary from a single school day to a weekly visit of one hour each for five to 10 weeks. It all depends on the grade level of the program you choose. You can choose your classroom, video, building computer components etc, based on a number of factors. We're flexible!
FMI volunteers come from all walks of life. But they all have a common vision: sharing a message of hope and opportunity with each and every young person they reach.
Through volunteer partnerships from organizations large and small, or individuals interested in sharing their experiences with the children of their community, FMI classroom volunteers inspire, prepare, and empower. They band together to teach things importance of workforce readiness, some functions on computers. FMI volunteers believe they can make a difference - and teach, install computers, spread the word raise funds, etc many students a year that they can make a difference, too.
If you are already a FMI volunteer, we thank you. It's your effort and selfless dedication that truly makes a difference. If you haven't yet had the opportunity, contact us and volunteer today. The impact will last a lifetime.

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